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oohhh. good start. i'm excited to read more of this fic.

Thank you! And it's coming...hopefully tomorrow.

Yay! More tomorrow I hope.

I love the flow of this story! And I can't wait to read more!

Oh the flow...thank you. Kurt's racing mind as his assumptions get challenged. More is coming hopefully tomorrow.

Eee! The ending of this had me absolutely squirming with delight. Gorgeous boys! Can't wait for more.

Thank you so much. I had the ending of this chapter in my head before I even wrote the first word. Because here is Kurt, so sure Blaine is straight, and Blaine just assumes Kurt knows, so comedy of errors. Thank you!

Interesting start, I can't wait to read more.

Thank you. More tomorrow I hope.

Yay for Blaine being gay!

Hilarious! To reassure you, I would never ever write a story where Blaine isn't gay. It was all about Kurt's assumptions, instincts off...:)

Oh my God, I love this beginning. Poor Kurt, the revelation was so funny. I can't wait for more!

Seriously - like I just wrote to another reviewer - that revelation ending of chapter 1 was in my head before I even started the story. I could just see Blaine loving his moment in the spotlight, challenging Kurt's assumptions. :)

I'm so excited for this story! Loved it.

So glad! More tomorrow I hope. And it just gets better as it goes on...am I allowed to say that? lol. :)

Oh goodness! I have a little free time this evening before I go to sleep (or try to!!) So I wanted to read your lovely writing.

This is so unbelievably sweet. Seriously, your Hummelberry... If you know me, you know how much I adore writing them and how much I love them to pieces so to see them written so flawlessly is so wonderful.

I adore the pacing and how gloriously teenage iit is. Can't wait to read more :)

Yay! I'm so glad to have found this. I have a serious soft spot for Anderberry fics. And what a lovely start. I really like the idea of Kurt finding a second "home" where he can get a different kind of support from what he gets from his dad.

I am in love! :3

Anderberry is my favourite trope I think, and you are killing it! <3

I absolutely adore this line: And Kurt just smiles because he’s sitting almost silently, surrounded by noise and competition for attention, whipped potatoes and steak, and he feels seen.

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